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One of the nowardays problems in our society is the generation of tons of plastic that all ends in our oceans.

In this game, I want to do one's bit for the minimisation of plastic waste. To do this, you will control a boat, that its aim is to recover all the waste that we have thrown into the sea. Click on each  cell to uncover the fog and see that there is behind it. If you make a mistake, the time decreases, and if the time decreases, the plastic will go to the bottom of the ocean, so hurry up.

Repository: https://gitlab.com/NEKERAFA/save-oceans


save-oceans-win32.zip 1 MB
save-oceans-win64.zip 2 MB
save-oceans-linux-amd64.tar.gz 3 MB
save-oceans-mac-os.zip 1 MB
save-oceans.tar.gz 972 kB

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The game and their assets are under MIT License. All third assets are licensed by their respective owners:


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I played this yesterday on stream, and I enjoyed it! I'm hugely impressed by the level of polish! Well done!


Thanks!! I want to add more visual helps, but maybe the next time